ChatGPT generate false details about radio host

Recently, the OpenAI ChatGPT generate the wrong information. Due to this, it gets the first defamation lawsuit. As per the report, Mark Walters is a radio host who suing the company after OpenAI ChatGPT generate false details like Mark Walters causes defrauding and embezzling funds from a non-profit organization.

This case was filed on the 5th of June in Georgia’s Superior Court of Gwinnett County. With this people focuses on this type of issue where ChatGPT and other chatbots generated the wrong details.

After this, people think that this type of system is not reliable. The homepage of ChatGPT has a disclaimer that says that may occasionally generate incorrect information, though the company also shows that ChatGPT is a source of reliable information.


Lastly, in the coming weeks, we will know more about this.

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