Removal of new At a Glance feature from Pixel Watch surprises users

In a surprising move, Google has retracted the live display feature from the Pixel Watch, previously introduced as “At a Glance,” a few weeks after its quiet unveiling. Although information about this feature can be found on help pages, an official announcement is conspicuously absent. Currently, users have observed the absence of the new watch face complication.

It is plausible that this removal is an inadvertent occurrence, possibly stemming from Google’s premature initiation of the feature’s rollout. There’s a chance that this functionality was primarily intended for the upcoming Wear OS 4, although confirmation is pending. For users who had briefly experienced the live display on the Pixel Watch, its sudden unavailability is certainly disappointing.

Notably, Google has revealed plans for a substantial update concerning live viewing on Pixel phones. This prompts speculation of a potential association, suggesting a forthcoming significant joint update for both smartphones and Wear OS, specifically for the “At a Glance” feature.

The capabilities of the live display on the Pixel Watch encompass:

  • Display of upcoming events and cherished memories.
  • Provision of flight information.
  • Presentation of weather updates.


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