Android Auto 10.3 beta released with enhancements and bug fixes

Following the recent update and its innovative features, the Android Auto development team is swiftly introducing the latest beta version, addressing known issues and refining the user experience.

Coming hot on the heels of version 10.2, the release of the Android Auto 10.3 beta is now accessible on Google’s servers.

While an initial overview of the update does not reveal any major transformative features, it’s worth noting that Google has diligently revised the catalog of known issues. Notably, an issue pertaining to Amazon Music, where an incorrect track was played, has been successfully rectified.

Thus far, no further substantial alterations have been observed.

For users seeking to update their Android Auto application, two primary methods are available. The first involves acquiring the latest version from the Google Play Store, a process applicable to both the standard and beta versions. Alternatively, for a more expedited update, the application can be downloaded from the “Apkmirror” platform.

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