Chromebooks will receive 10 Years of Automatic updates

If you are looking to get a good device for your all-study purpose. Chromebooks are the number one choice to deal with, now according to the latest information, Google is looking to increase 10 years of automatic updates.

The Chomrebooks are easy to handle and very lightweight. Many models are made with recycled materials which is something to consider if you are environment-conscious.

10 Years Software Updates for Chromebooks

Google has officially launched in a blog post that Chromebooks will now receive 10 years of automatic updates. This is an extension of the previously offered software support which lasted for eight years.

Chromebooks news

Google is also looking to release two more features – Adaptive charging and Battery saver. The first feature is aimed at preserving the battery health which will eventually increase the battery life. Battery saver will help users use Chromebooks for a longer time by reducing or disabling energy-intensive processes.

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