Sony PS5 will release new firmware to fix 4K 120Hz HDR video failure when connected to Samsung TV

Although the Sony PS5 has a 4K 120Hz output capability, the compatibility of this product with some smart TVs has not been perfect.

Among them, there are problems with the TV HDMI 2.1 interface and firmware problems. According to Tomsguide, when a user uses a Sony PS5 to connect to a Samsung TV, the 4K/120Hz screen cannot be output when HDR is turned on.

In the official Samsung community, the official acknowledged this very common failure, but the cause is not the Samsung TV, but the firmware problem of the Sony PS5 game console itself.

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Samsung officially stated that Sony will release new firmware in March this year to achieve 4K 120Hz HDR video output. In addition, the instructions stated that this update only depends on the PS5 to update the firmware to take effect, and Samsung TV does not require any changes.

When foreign players use Sony PS5 to connect to Sony’s own LCD TV, there will be more obvious blur when outputting 4K 120Hz images.

This problem is not due to a malfunction of the PS5 game console, but a problem with the HDMI 2.1 interface of Sony’s old TV. HDMI’s receiving chip cannot meet the requirements of this specification video, so it is blurred. Sony officially stated that in the XR series of TVs released this year, this failure was fixed.

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