YouTube version of TikTok short video app will be tested in the U.S. in March

In addition to the recently popular Clubhouse that has been imitated by competitors, the Bytedance TikTok is still the target of imitation by social media platforms. Neal Mohan, head of product for YouTube, Google’s video platform, said that YouTube will launch a beta version of YouTube Shorts in the United States from March.

YouTube Shorts is also a TikTok-like product launched by YouTube. The video length is limited to 60 seconds. The video content will be displayed in the user’s YouTube channel and may also be included in the homepage list.

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In addition, YouTube also launched the “Shorts Camera”, used to shoot multiple clips, allowing users to make videos within 15 seconds, or add music to the video, control the speed, set the countdown, and set the stop time And other personalized features.

Mohan said that YouTube Shorts was initially launched in India and has achieved good results. “Since December, the number of Indian channels using Shorts authoring tools has more than tripled, and YouTube Shorts currently has more than 3.5 billion daily views worldwide”.

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