AirPods 3 first live image leaked

According to recent reports, Apple may formally hold a spring new product launch conference on March 23. In addition to the new generation of iPad series and the long-rumored AirTags, the protagonist of this conference also has a brand new accessory debut-AirPods 3 (tentative name). Today, a whistleblower exposed the real spy photos of AirPods 3 on overseas social platforms.

According to the picture show, AirPods 3 and had a live image leaked remained the same, high credibility, which compared to the previous two generations have greatly changed in appearance, the overall shape into the AirPods Pro design language, should Will bring a more comfortable wearing experience.

It is worth mentioning that although AirPods 3 uses a semi-in-ear design, it is reported that Apple will still add active noise reduction effects to it, but without the in-ear earplugs, its noise reduction effect is better than that of AirPods Pro. There is a significant reduction.

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However, this may be good news for some users, because the previous AirPods Pro needed to be paired with earplugs to achieve better noise reduction, which would cause a very strong sense of pressure on the ears after wearing for a long time, which has also been complained by users.

AirPods 3 with a semi-in-ear design can greatly avoid the problem of pressure, and its appearance will also bring a balance between comfort and noise reduction, and usher in more users with different needs.

In addition, the whistleblower also claimed that Apple will add a spatial audio function to AirPods 3. This function changes the position of the sound field with the movement of the user’s head, which can bring a more realistic sound experience.

As for the price, some insiders estimate that the price of AirPods 3 will be between 150 to 230 USD, located between AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro. The three will face different user needs and form a tripartite trend, which is worth looking forward to.

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