Huawei announces a patent for touchpad modules and terminal equipment

According to the App, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. published a patent for a touch panel module and terminal equipment with the publication number CN213122750U. The patent abstract shows that the touch panel module includes a cover plate assembly and a bottom plate; the cover plate assembly includes a touch panel, at least one piezoelectric device is arranged between the touch panel and the bottom plate.

And each piezoelectric device is electrically connected to the terminal device chip, And each piezoelectric device includes metal sheets, piezoelectric ceramics and force-transmitting double-sided adhesives arranged along the direction from the bottom plate to the touch panel.

The metal sheet is provided on the bottom plate; the piezoelectric ceramic is provided on the metal sheet to be electrically connected to it; the force transmission double-sided adhesive is provided between the piezoelectric ceramic and the touch panel to be The force is transmitted to the piezoelectric ceramics to produce a positive piezoelectric effect, and is used to transmit the force generated by the vibration to The cover plate assembly makes the cover plate assembly resonate.

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And the frequency of the alternating piezoelectric signal is the same as the resonant frequency of the combined structure. The touch panel module can simplify the structure of the touch panel module and at the same time improve the user’s experience of vibration feedback.

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