Apple A15 GPU test results revealed, peak capacity is 13.7% faster than A14

The GPU test score of the suspected Apple A15 chip was revealed, and its peak capacity was 13.7% faster than that of the A14 chip, maintaining Apple’s leading position in mobile performance. According to reports, the Manhattan 3.1 GPU benchmark test showed that Apple’s A15 chip reached 198FPS in the first round of testing. However, the second round was not so impressive, with a score of approximately 140 FPS to 150 FPS.

The benchmark test results show the performance of the A15 GPU after two rounds of testing. The score shows that A15 needs to control its speed after a period of time, but even if the speed drops are considered, it surpasses Android competitors by a considerable advantage. According to a tweet by a leaker known as FrontTron, the benchmark test was conducted on a batch of A15 samples in July. The test results were discussed on a Korean forum called Clien.

In the Manhattan 3.1 test, the peak performance of the iPhone 12 was 170.7 FPS. FrontTron says throttling is not a problem because it far exceeds the peak performance of the A14, although the numbers seem to contradict this statement.

Apple A15 GPU peak benchmark test:

  • Manhattan 3.1: 198 FPS (July unit sample.
  • However, after the second round of testing, the speed reduction started and dropped to 140 ~ 150FP.

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