Google launches the stable version of Android 12

Just as expected from the mid-September rumors, Google officially released Android 12 today, Monday 4th October. This is the end of a long journey that lasted months and whose last piece, until a few hours ago, was the Beta 5 arrived at the beginning of last month.

Android 12, as we showed you in our preview at the time of the first beta, that of May, is an important turning point for the green robot, one that hasn’t been seen for a while. Beyond the new features, the feeling immediately changes, with the new Material You design that offers a decidedly different glance than in the past, trying to reconcile the minimalism and flat graphics typical of Material Design with a new emotionality thanks to the ability to adapt the colors of the interface also according to the background chosen by the user, thus making the experience more personal and coherent.

Another cornerstone of Android 12 is the new features introduced by the new Privacy Dashboard which clearly shows the apps that have access to the microphone, location and other sensitive data. Furthermore, when the camera and microphone are in use, there will be special indicators to signal this, making it much easier for the user to have a clear view of their device, with the possibility of revoking access at the system level for both.

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Yes, but how long will it take for the first updates? The ball, it is clear, now passes to the producers. Obviously, the first to receive it will be Google’s Pixels, from the most recent model – or Pixel 5a – back to Pixel 3: Google in this sense does not yet indicate a precise date, but speaks of the next few weeks. In short, it is a matter of a few days.

As for other OEMs, Mountain View mentions in the official press release the Samsung devices (which we have already tested with the new OneUI 4 based on Android 12), OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Vivo, Xiaomi and Tecno, and talks about updates in arrival by the end of the year for the h models that will be interested in it first.

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