Windows Subsystem for Linux is now available in the Microsoft Store as an application

Microsoft today announced Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) as an application on the Microsoft Store for Windows 11. In other words, WSL is now distributed through the Microsoft Store as an application, and will not be updated with system changes, so that users can get WSL updates and functions faster.

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Update log:

WSL applications now integrate WSLg ( Windows Subsystem for Linux GUI)

  • Upgrade Microsoft.WSLg to version 1.0.29
  • Switch to msrdc.exe for WSLg
  • Enable virtio for ARM64 to enable WSLg shared memory
  • Allow environment variables used by WSLg to be overwritten by WSLENV

Brand new wsl.exe function-mount function

  • Added the mount –vhd parameter to make it easier to mount VHD files.
  • Implement file system detection for wsl.exe –mount. If –type is not specified when using wsl.exe -mount, this change implements file system type detection.
  • Add -name function to wsl.exe –mount. This modification adds support for optional named mount points when mounting disks via WSL.

Upgrade Linux Kernel to

  • Enable additional USB core configuration options to interact with Arduino via USB.
  • Update to the upstream stable kernel version 5.10.60
  • Enable virtio-pmem to support PCI BAR related addresses
  • Enable ARM64 vPCI support under Hyper-V
  • Enable io_uring support
  • Enable USB over IP support
  • Enable x86_64 para virtualized spinlock support
  • Clean up the dxgkrnl driver for bug fixes and code cleanup.
  • Enable NFS client support for NFSv4.1* Improve the error message when 9p or fstab fails to mount

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Other improvements

  • Fix \wsl $\ and \wsl.localhost\ problems on ARM64
  • Switch to mkfs.ext4 instead of pre-formatted ext4 VHD.
  • Switch to using mkswap and swapon instead of custom swap file logic. [GH 5476]
  • Add logic to dynamically update the MTU of the NAT network.
  • Fix the problem that /etc/wsl.conf generateResolvConf does not work as expected [GH 6977]
  • Added the auxiliary function of the progress indicator, which is used to display the please wait message with animated dots during the conversion process to show the user that the WSL is still running.
  • Convert wslhost.exe to win32 application.
  • Switch wsl.exe –install to not require the -distribution parameter. This change switches wsl.exe –install to not require the -distribution parameter, but retains its support to avoid breaking existing scripts.
  • Add wsl.exe –version command
  • Added Windows version in wsl.exe –status and wsl.exe –version.
  • The invalid parameter handling of wsl.exe has been cleaned up, making it easier to self-diagnose syntax errors.
  • If the application is launched via a tile, prompt the user for input before closing the console window.
  • Add an error message dialog box for wslg.exe
  • Simplify the printing of unsupported command line parameters.
  • If the user runs wsl.exe -install with WSL already installed, a better error message will be printed
  • Add special error codes for non-existent custom kernels and non-supported custom kernels (ARM64)
  • Update wsl.exe –update to work with the decommissioned package – this will launch the store page.
  • Improve the stability and performance of the localhost relay.
  • Additional performance and stability improvements.

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