Violation of add-ons policy Mozilla removes FVD Speed ​​Dial extension from AMO

Mozilla has removed the FVD Speed ​​Dial extension from AMO for alleged violation of the add-on policy. If you are using this extension, Firefox may have disabled it for you now, and it cannot be downloaded and installed regularly.

The new tab page that comes with Firefox provides some customization options. You can customize the new tab page of the Firefox browser according to your own preferences, and display a website link on it as a speed dial to make it more efficient. And FVD Speed ​​Dial is such a popular extension that has been installed and used by more than 6,800 users.

Users who have installed the FVD SD extension noticed that the extension has been disabled and cannot be re-enabled. They were told “Speed ​​Dial [FVD] New Tab Page, 3D Start Page, Sync has been blocked for your (they) Protection”.

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The help page informs the extension that it “violates Mozilla’s policies because the search function provided or loaded by the add-on must not collect search terms or block searches from third-party search providers. Although Mozilla clearly pointed out these terms, the plugin has repeatedly Violated these terms.

The company went on to say that FVD Speed ​​Dial developers violated the AMO rules in 2020 for the reasons mentioned earlier. When Mozilla warned that such data collection was not allowed, the developer disabled the feature and AMO continued to host the extension. Recently, Mozilla learned that the developer re-enabled this disgraceful behavior. This time, due to multiple violations, the company completely blocked the Speed ​​Dial extension.

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