Nintendo begins to sell the new Switch OLED base with its own network cable interface

If you want to get a base for the Nintendo Switch OLED, Nintendo is now selling it on its online store for $70, which is $10 more than the original base. The design of the new version of the base is slightly rounded compared to the previous one, there is a white version to choose from, and (most importantly for some players) one of the USB 2.0 ports has been replaced with an Ethernet socket.

According to the FAQ page on Nintendo’s official website, the base of the Switch OLED, which has been on sale for two months, is compatible with the standard version of the Switch, although you may need to do a software update to get full functionality.

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If you need a dock and you plan to add a LAN port, then using the new Switch dock seems to be a very reasonable choice, because Nintendo sells its first-party Ethernet adapter for $30, although you can also get it on the market I found an adapter for about $10 on the website, but a base that supports the network cable is undoubtedly a cleaner solution.

If you need a base and want to save a dollar, you can consider looking for a refurbished original version for $40. Nintendo also sells refurbished bases with the theme of “Animal Crossing” at the same price. Although these products do not include a LAN port, they are still compatible with Switch OLED.

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