MIUI 13 Global worse than China, the controversy is triggered

It seems that with the advent of MIUI 13 Global what happened with the previous version, that is the MIUI 12.5 Enhanced, is repeating. As some of you may remember, the release of the last MIUI update angered part of the community for the unequal treatment. To the point of pushing it to create a real petition addressed to Xiaomi, with the company even replying, explaining its position. Despite this response, the global release of MIUI 13 does not seem to satisfy the most disappointed by the previous choices.

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Although an official announcement is still missing, coming soon, the MIUI 13 Global is already being released for a small circle of users. The first models to receive it are Xiaomi 11 Lite and Redmi Note 10/10 Pro, which will be followed by all the others who are part of the first wave of updates. The fact is that the first reports speak of a western MIUI 13 in which some news of MIUI 13 China is missing.

First of all, the new widgets are missing, one of the main aesthetic and functional innovations of the new version of the Xiaomi UI. The reason is obvious: the functions these new widgets link to are all apps and services available only in China. But there is also more trivial news, such as the dynamic font Mi Sans, an absence for which there is no apparent reason.

But the list of absent features does not end here: in the MIUI 13 Global, there is neither the new Control Center nor the Mi Smart Hub function. In this case, however, the problem does not concern the Global version but precisely the MIUI 13, both the news is not even in the Chinese ROM. This is because Xiaomi is still testing them in the form of private projects in its Chinese community, so it will still take some time before they make their public debut.

For the moment, therefore, the invitation is not to manually update the MIUI 13 Global: the scarcity of news is not worth the candle.

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