Nuki: The Apple Watch app now also works without a Bluetooth connection

In the current changelog of its own Apple Watch app, Nuki advertises that the Nuki Smart Lock can now also be unlocked without an iPhone nearby. But in the first step, you only tell half the truth, because unlocking the door has been possible for years.

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However, this assumes that the Apple Watch establishes a direct Bluetooth connection to the Smart Lock. With the new app update, Bluetooth is no longer required here. The Apple Watch can thus access the Nuki via the WLAN. With a cellular smartwatch, it is also possible to control the smart door lock via LTE.

The watch app has been working a bit sluggishly here in the team lately – it’s possible that a more stable solution can be offered with the new connection methods. Let us know in the comments if the new watch app is going well for you.

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