Sony launches fresh offers on PlayStation Store

The last promotion in the PlayStation Store is over and new offers are already on the agenda. They’re not as good this time as last time, but that’s always subjective and maybe the current deals will appeal to you more.

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PlayStation Store: Two actions started

There are now two promotions in the PlayStation Store: Once the “Planet of Discounts”, there are also gems like Demon’s Souls, Cyberpunk 2077, RDR 2, GTA 5, Deathloop, DOOM Eternal and more. You can find the offers here.

There is also another promotion called “Weekend Offers” which you can find here. Games like Far Cry 6, Rayman Legends (only 5 euros, clear recommendation), various Hitman titles and many other games are included here.

This time there are some AAA games and they usually cost the RRP at Sony. Even with high discount numbers, you can still get the physical disc version cheaper. So make a price comparison at Idealo before you buy.

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