Android TV 12: the update is close to release, Google confirms

Android TV 12 is on its way. There is no official release date yet but the new evolution of the Android version designed for Smart TVs will soon be ready for release. Google has recently confirmed its willingness to release the new update quickly. At the same time, the new Developer Preview also arrived, which represents a further step forward in the development program. Let’s see the latest updates on what’s coming to Android TV.

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Android TV 12 is close to release

We are almost there. Android TV 12 is now one step away from the official release. The new major update of Android TV will arrive during the first part of 2022. This was confirmed by Paul Lammertsma, Senior Developer Relations Engineer at Google , who in a post on in which he summarized the news that will characterize this version of Android TV also confirmed the imminent release.

The Google developer did not provide precise details on the timing, limiting himself to an invitation to other developers to check the compatibility of their Android TV apps with the new version. Lammertsma speaks, in fact, of ” early this year” suggesting, therefore, a release of the update in the first part of the current year. The official release could, therefore, take place as early as March or in any case by the end of the first half of 2022. Google could provide more details in the coming days.

Among the novelties of the new version of Android TV, we will find a series of important technical optimizations, with the elimination of the effect of motion judder when using the adaptive frame rate. There will also be news for the interface, with the introduction of support for UI in 4K. Users will be able to change the font size, adapting it to their needs, from the accessibility settings.

Furthermore, with Android TV 12, new tools for privacy and security will be introduced. Specifically, there will be an indicator to warn the user when the device’s microphone and camera (if any) will be used by the system. A toggle will also be introduced to quickly activate both the microphone and the camera. Among the novelties, there will also be HDMI CEC 2.0 and HAL 1.1 support for the antenna.

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