Google Pixel 6: Success for Google and a big step forward

During the presentation of new annual reports, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has again talked about the success of the Pixel 6 smartphones. For several months now, the spirits have been arguing about whether Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro can actually be booked as a success. In the USA, sales are probably quite good, but even there not nationwide in the entire trade. Network operators should not get rid of the devices so well.

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Nevertheless, Google has measurable market shares in the USA and even appears in the top 5 manufacturers of premium smartphones there. In the other parts of the world, it doesn’t look like that. Google itself does not reveal any concrete figures but compares internally known information with the last Pixel phones. According to that, the Pixel 6 phones are “a big step forward” for the Pixel portfolio.

Google again emphasizes that people have very well received Pixel 6

We have received a lot of positive feedback, said Sundar Pichai in his statement on the latest “earning calls” for the first quarter of 2022. In addition, the acting Google boss emphasizes that the current models have sold as fast as ever before a Pixel device has managed. This all sounds good, but it’s hard for us to measure if there are no comparison values in hard numbers to get a real impression of pixel 6 success.

What you can say with certainty at this point: Google does not sell quantities at the level of Samsung, Apple or Xiaomi. That is still a long way off. However, this can change in the long term if the current path is maintained. Next May we will see new devices, then maybe even the cheaper Pixel 6a.

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