Nearby Share as good as AirDrop because the Android app allows you to send files to yourself

Google is rolling out fresh updates, expanding Nearby Share for Android. Users can finally send files to themselves. In my opinion, that was the biggest and actually the only disadvantage of Nearby Share so far. Since its introduction, the practical tool for quickly sending files has not been able to allow users to send files to their own devices. But that is now possible.

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This innovation had already been hinted at in the last few weeks and now it’s here. With the latest Google system updates, Nearby Share has the option of sending files to other devices. Previously, it was only possible to send files to devices with other Google accounts. Quickly sending a large video from your own smartphone to your own Chromebook is only possible after the latest update.

Nearby Share for Android is now an alternative to Apple’s AirDrop

“Self share” was already announced a few weeks earlier. Already in January, Google announced the first innovations for Nearby Share and Fast Pair for this year. Today’s expansion only makes Nearby Share even more of an alternative to AirDrop, which Apple has been offering for its own ecosystem for several years. Google’s innovation for Nearby Share should have arrived on your devices by now because the necessary updates (version 30.3) for the Play services have been rolling out since May 2nd.

Now we are just waiting for Nearby Share for Windows and macOS so that the system can be used even more limitlessly. Google announced months ago that it also wanted to offer the tool for other operating systems. But that is again linked to a question of patience.

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