Google’s extremely strange leaks for the Pixel Watch, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 3a and Co.

Not only did the Google Pixel Watch appear early in a very strange form. It was similar to the Pixel series in the past. The recent leak of new Google hardware was almost cinematic. The Pixel Watch got stuck in a restaurant and then almost inevitably ended up on the internet. With a few specs, various photos and really strange background stories. However, this is not the first time that still unofficial Google devices have become public so early.

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Over the past year, Brandon Lee exclusively got hold of footage from the Google Pixel 6 Pro. At that time, the smartphone was too early in the hands of strangers. There were photos of the device and its camera. Even more curious: Lee reveals that his material at the time came from Nigeria. “Google has the craziest leaking scenarios ever,” says Lee. We can only agree with this comment. Because a few years ago it wasn’t any less crazy.

Google Pixel 3a suddenly appeared in Russia

At that time, the Pixel 3a had not yet been presented, but it could already be seen in photos. It fell off a truck. However, not in Vietnam or Taiwan, where Google has its devices built and developed. But in Eastern Europe. For whatever reason, a Pixel 3a, the first model in what was then the new a-series, ended up in the hands of Russian tech bloggers. And thus of course in the form of photos much too early on the Internet.

Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL also landed on the internet in the form of photos long before their presentation. Out of the blue in a forum. And later it was no different. The Pixel 5 was another device that landed early in the hands of people who snapped and shared photos of it straight away. It probably doesn’t happen that badly, especially “in the wild,” with any other manufacturer. Especially not with this frequency.

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