Google update Chrome to find and download PWAs easily

Google now working on rebuilding the interface for Chrome Apps along with installed PWAs. Chrome browser first focuses on the AppHome, but this change may lead to ¬†ChromeOS. This also makes a change in the “chrome://apps” landing page which has been not updated. One big problem arises when trying to find the download apps on Chromebooks so can’t recognize which site is a Progressive Web App site (PWAs). Maybe you could hit the button when it appears on your on-address bar, but that’s not the permanent solution.

In Chromium Gerrit, there is a new “AppHome” found which has links to documents that display what the new iteration looks like and how it will work. Now when you open the chrome apps page you will see the list of and¬†Chrome Apps and PWAs currently installed. You just remove the apps and not much you can do from that list. With “AppHome”, there only view and manage the apps. But you can see the variety of future PWAs listed.

From that list, you installed the PWAs and once you install them you decide where you want to open it in launch at startup or new tab. After this, your apps are now more accessible. The installed PWAs also appear in the NTP module. Google testing on these modules and its shows up on the New Tab Page in Chrome. Through the app module, you can see installed along and with the Apps button, you can see the PWAs.

Now see the Chromebook Google making some important changes to the Play Store. After using Apps experience is not as good as the PWAs are. If you want to install these PWAs so it’s available on the Play Store. The interface of Chrome Apps needs more days to access and is easy.

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