Xiaomi to launch a new brand for tech enthusiasts

Xiaomi now plans to bring a new smartphone in near future. There is a chance that this new brand will be like other brands such as Xiaomi Redmi, Poco, and BlackShark. From some updates, the company launch a new sub-brand and it’s aimed at “tech enthusiasts” of the smartphone soon. This brand’s main purpose offers smartphones, and it may offer Tablets also.

The company’s main purpose starts with Android as compared to changing the interface of MIUI. From this launch, the company will also attract international customers which was a very long wish of Xiaomi. Previously the customer or fans of Xiaomi appreciate the design and equipped technology within it but did not like that much MIUI interface.

Expected Features from the Xiaomi new launch

  • It may possible that the company brings back the concept of the Xiaomi A series. In that case company’s hardware collaborate with the Android One operating system. The chances of this are low because Google no longer continued with the Android One. Now the market of the smartphone is fully based on Android just as you see after the launching of a new version of the latest version of Android for Pixel devices.
  • The company focuses on the new launch which has a processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 series. Using this processor means it’s a high-end device.

If you are more like to play games, then you prefer Snapdragon 765 and Snapdragon 778. Qualcomm also plans to launch the chips for the upper middle class soon. Xiaomi starting this launch from Germany as per the update yet. The company will also launch its new device in the Indian market. Users always waiting for something new for upgrading their devices, so Xiaomi fans are eager to wait for this launch.

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