ChromeOS Material You modernize quick settings and more

Google redesigns the ChromeOS with Material You, makes changes in its quick settings, and more. In this, they include dynamic colors, redesign of quick settings, and more improvements.

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In starting of this Google worked on the Material You for ChromeOS. This June in the design of the ChromeOS they include dynamic colors. Modernize with the Material You doesn’t mean for the whole project it includes little and small changes through this design for example,

  • Jelly / Jellyroll — Material You’s dynamic colors for ChromeOS
  • CrosNext — Material 3 components for ChromeOS
  • FilesGM3 — Material You enhancements for the Files app

About redesign of ChromeOS with Material You

With this new redesign, you can see the framework for ChromeOS dynamic colors now seems to be in place, with the app shelf, quick settings, and Files app all now matching a particular color theme. In the corner of the screenshots above, you’ll notice a massively overhauled quick settings area.

ChromeOS notifications now live in a separate area, to the left of the calendar, instead of being above quick settings. The quick settings themselves have also been redesigned to look almost identical to what you’ll find on Pixel phones today. Some simple, one-click options like “Screen capture” are half the size, to conserve space.

The new Material You-styled sliders for ChromeOS volume and screen brightness also look quite a bit like their Pixel counterparts. The main difference here is that the icon (the sun for brightness, or the speaker for volume) appears on the side of the slider instead of inside it. ChromeOS Material You modify the Files app and notifications.

This change moves the notification place but the shape is still the same, but with a new color. That recolor also extends to the recently launched ChromeOS calendar view, which continues to match the color of the app shelf, offering a cohesive experience.

Lastly, the ChromeOS Files app has been massively recolored, using two shades of background colors, multiple text colors, and the currently selected option look in a bright accent.

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