Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen stickers now available to use in real life

One of Google’s software keyboard’s best features is unquestionably the Gboard Emoji Kitchen. When you choose from hundreds of existing emojis, you can create virtually unlimited digital stickers that combine cute and creepy combinations.

With the Emoji Kitchen sticker set, Google is now bringing a bit of that experience into the actual world.

Each of the sticker sheets costs $3 in Google’s merchandise store. There are 23 stickers on one sheet, nut combinations are a little off.

Some combinations attract a lot of people, like poop with a crown, a cat with a loaf of bread on its head, and an alien making a peace sign.

Gboard's Emoji Kitchen stickers-1

In addition, there are also more specific options that don’t use as many emojis, like a snowman wearing a mushroom hat and eating strawberry cake. Google claims that the stickers are ultra -removable so if you get tired of the octopus hot dog you are stuck on your MacBook.

Lastly, Google’s store says that there are just over 600 sheets available, but it’s not clear if there will be any more once those are gone.

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