Galaxy Z foldables issues and Galaxy Fold 6 may have new design

The Samsung Galaxy Z series of foldable phones has a hinge issue, from a recent report from Korean media Business Korea. On the other hand, the company won’t properly inform users about this issue and passed on the cost of the issue to consumers.

The Samsung Galaxy Z series of foldable phones require to be fully unfolded to 180 degrees as per regular design but due to the design of the hinge, it won’t.

If this issue does not resolve then on the folded area screen black lines will appear. As per the updates from Business Korea, customers can visit the service center and receive free repairs after confirming that the phone has not been damaged by an external force.

The issue of the phone not being repaired at the service center as free whether it dropped or scratched, or maybe an issue with the hinge.

In addition to the usual yearly enhancements to the device’s features, the hinge that enables the device to fold has been significantly upgraded. In any case, what the Galaxy Z Fold 5 will not bring is an adjustment of the screen size.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 external screen

Samsung will keep the current form factor until Fold 5, but there will be a major form factor modification starting with the Fold 6, as per tipster Revegnus, a relatively new name in the smartphone information leak business.

A wider cover screen and an overall design that is similar to foldable devices from Google and Oppo are good unless Samsung is directly concluded to a dual-folding design, which is not what is being hinted at here.

Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 6

Lastly, in the coming days we will know more about upcoming Galaxy Z foldables.

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