Google Home 3.1 bring new light controls, tablet UI changes

The company redesigned Google Home for large-screen devices like tablets. Now they release Google Home 3.1 which brings new light controls and some modifications to the tablet UI. With this update, the user will see the Favorite, Devices, Automation, Activity, and Settings all options available in a new container. This new container has rounded corners.

The new container is different than the previous than the navigation rail and top app bar. When the user switches from dark to normal the background appears in light blue. With Google Home 3.1 update, the devices tab adopts a secondary navigation element that lists each room.

For choosing it scroll the user to that grouping along with each tile narrower as a result. The nav rail remains shown in portrait orientation but the bar won’t. Currently, the bar won’t support fully Favorite tab but in an upcoming update, it will.

New Lighting Controllers with Google Home 3.1

Below the six temperature options, a slider takes the place of the brightness arc which appears as a shape pill. With new tabs, a lighting sheet comes. At first, you see the strip of temperature control and next you see a circular color picker.

New lighting controller-1

Google Home 3.1

At last, the company changes the controller page for other devices and now the name is displayed in the top-left corner before it appears in the center.

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