On Android, Chrome Remote Desktop app swaps to web app for better

Recently, for Android, Google updated the Chrome Remote Desktop app. Previously, for the Android apps, Google’s free services provide remote control access to Windows, Mac, or Linux computers won’t get the update since 2020.

While using the desktop web app, most features of the app are missing.  On the Web version of the Chrome Remote Desktop user can swap between a direct touch mouse and a swipeable cursor, resize the screen, open their phone’s on-screen keyboard, and more. On the other hand, on Chrome Remote Desktop of the mobile version, you can’t get access to other’s PC via code.

Chrome Remote Desktop

From this, we understand that the Chrome Remote Desktop app is better featured than the mobile version. The company also brings the Trusted Web Activity (TWA) in the Chrome Remote Desktop web app. You download TWA from the Play Store, it is a fullscreen web-based app and through its UI you can’t tell it based on the web app.

Recently, they release an updated version of TWA 1.2 on the Play Store, there is no requirement to participate in beta updates. In this update, they bring some changes in the Material You design with the Material Theme UI. Due to this app develop based on the web then the full suite of Chrome Remote Desktop features and other options are available.

Chrome Remote Desktop-2

For Remote Access, users tap on the drawer on the left side and then find it there. There are more features like Remote Support, and Setup via SSH with dark theme toggle and feedback button. Users can use a built-in touch keyboard which has extra keys to help on the desktop web app. On the other hand, the external keyboard has to Send system keys which send special key presses like Alt, Ctrl, etc and more.

For the stream quality option, you see the semicircle button on the side of the video stream. Now you can access the smooth scaling, preferred codec, and max framerate.

Chrome Remote Desktop-3

At last, for using this new app, users require to change some settings in Chrome, like set Google.com to Desktop Mode, and the same for Chrome Remote Desktop app.

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