Microsoft Copilot App availability expanding

Microsoft is now expanding the availability of its Application in different stores. According to the official information, the Copilot app is now available on the Apple App Store, which is accessible on both iPhones and iPads.

Earlier, Copilot’s services were only available in the Bing app on smartphones. Introducing a dedicated app helps Microsoft place Copilot place next to ChatGPT, which has millions of installations on Android and iOS.

Copilot is one of the useful tools that brings access to GPT-4 for free, unlike ChatGPT which is limited to GPT-3.5 unless you get a paid subscription. Copilot also provides limited access to DALL-E 3, which can generate images from text using AI.

The user interface of Microsoft’s Copilot app is simple and similar to ChatGPT. Users can provide textual input or use voice commands to get responses to any queries. Copilot can also connect to the internet if you choose to use GPT-4. However, the app has a certain limit on the number of GPT-4 responses.

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