Google should make this feature exclusive to the Pixel 6s

The incredible computational capacity of Google Tensor, the first processor of the Mountain View giant studied in detail these days, allows all users with Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro to easily remove the elements that have accidentally ended up in the inside of a photo.

Google Pixel 6 Exclusive Magic Eraser?

Magic Eraser, an integrated feature in Google Photos but soon ended up in the hands of those without the new high-end smartphones of Google, should remain the exclusive Pixel series 6. The idea is simple, and all things considered acceptable: Making Magic Google Pixel 6 exclusive eraser would give Google an exclusive advantage over other smartphones (Android and otherwise).

Those who have had the opportunity to use and test the capabilities of Magic Eraser have been pleasantly impressed, even if not yet 100% perfect, and the idea that eventually Google can transfer the functionality to other smartphones of the Pixel series, or even as an exclusive add-on for users who subscribe to Google One, it could implicitly lead many users not to consider purchasing the new Google Pixel.

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Everyone took a picture that they wish could be improved by deleting a part of it, said Jitesh Ubrani, research manager of worldwide device trackers at IDC, in a recent interview. Plus, it’s a unique feature that most other smartphones don’t have at the moment, and that really sets the Pixel apart from the rest of smartphones.

For its part, Google has not yet expressed itself on the possibility that Magic Eraser remains exclusive to Google Pixel 6. Lately, in fact, it has confirmed that it will work hard to try to make most of the currently exclusive features of the Pixel 6 available even on lesser smartphones. recent, but it is not yet clear what they will be.

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